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The award-winning team of attorneys at Greenberg Ramón-Alonso & Urbano has helped injured victims and their loved ones get the justice they deserve after a life-changing injury or home damages. We have also helped people achieve the American Dream by obtaining a lawful immigration status. Our top-rated legal team is dedicated to helping you recover fair compensation or legal status in the United States and get your life back on track.

At Greenberg Ramón-Alonso & Urbano, our attorneys only agree to take on personal injury, homeowner property, and immigration cases where we can provide significant value to the client.

We believe in educating people about the legal process and empowering them by thoroughly explaining our strategy to accomplish the best results possible for the case.

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Emily A. Dominguez

Julialeida Sainz

Our goal is to ensure your financial needs are fully met as you recover from your injury or loss

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